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This website is part of the Ethnos360 MK Care Program. Families must create a user account to have full access.

Attention First Timers!

Ethnos360 members: You have automatic access with your credentials.

For MKs and visitors: Once you submit a new user account, we will run a verification process that can take 1-3 days. During this time you will not have access to the resources on this website. Once approved, we will send you an email letting you know you have access to the full website. (*It is possible you will need to refresh your page at that point)

What is the MK Care Program?

The purpose of the Ethnos360 MK Care Program is to support and provide necessary resources for Missionary Kids (MKs) and their parents. It aims to better prepare them for the distinctive challenges of cross-cultural ministry and family life. Our team is dedicated to fostering the well-being of families, empowering them to effectively carry out their roles in reaching those who have the least exposure to the Gospel.

The Ethnos360 MK Care Program is specifically designed to aid our organization’s MKs, Adult MKs, Parents, and caregivers whether they are serving on the mission field, during Home Ministry Assignments, or working as USA-based home staff.

What is available to me?

The MK Care Central Website

The MK Care Central website stands as a vital resource hub providing various essential elements and up-to-date event details. It’s a convenient one-stop destination for all our resources. Members affiliated with Ethnos360 possessing credentials can swiftly access this website. Moreover, MKs aged 13 and above have the option to create their own login accounts. For MKs between the ages of 13 and 17, parental consent will be asked for before approval.

*Not an active Ethnos360 MK or Parent?
The MK Care Central website primarily serves Ethnos360 MKs and their parents. Nonetheless, recognizing the potential benefit for others, we extend the opportunity for access to the website. You can create a user account on the login page.

The Program is built around 4 C’s:


Our heart is to come alongside our families. We offer tools that provide support such as MK Retreats and personal debriefings that are available in-person or virtually. We train, study, and have personal experiences with the unique dynamics that families may face. We also send care packages, high school graduation gifts, and a newborn gift.


Isolation is a challenging reality for many of our families who often live in very remote environments. Kids need friends and sometimes that is not easy to foster in those environments. To actively fight isolation, we provide relevant platforms that help our MKs and parents establish a place to connect with others in their current stage of life and who are processing through similar things. 


Resources can either be a positive game-changer or a burden. We work hard to find or design resources that are relevant and helpful BUT bite-sized too. Parents and MKs will have access to our full-service website containing relevant MK resources, MK education support, Podcasts, Workshops, and up-to-date event info. 


We make it our goal to connect with every family each year – especially when they are in the US on home assignments. We do this by communicating through the MS Teams channels, a magazine called MK Care CONNECT, a monthly email called Trailhead, notecards, and much more. 

How to opt out of the MK Care Program

Ethnos360 families are always welcome to opt out of the MK Care program. Simply fill out the Opt Out Form and we will remove you from our communications and care initiatives.

Why MK Care?

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