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What is the MK Care Program?

The Ethnos360 MK Care Program is designed to serve our organization’s MKs and their Parents.

The Ethnos360 MK Care Team exists to provide care and resources for our Missionary Kids and their parents to better equip them for the unique dimensions of cross-cultural ministry and family life. Our passion is to help cultivate healthy families enabling them to fulfill their role in establishing indigenous churches.

The Program is built around 4 C’s:


Our team is positioned to come alongside our families on their journey. We offer important tools that provide support such as MK Retreats and personal debriefings that are available in-person or virtually. We train, study, and have personal experience with the unique dynamics that families may face. We want to help. 


Isolation is a challenging reality for many of our families who often live in very remote environments. Kids need friends and sometimes that is not easy to foster in those environments. To actively fight isolation, we provide relevant platforms that help our MKs establish a place to connect with others in their current stage of life, and who are processing through similar things. 


Resources can either be a positive game-changer or a burden. We work hard to find or design relevant and helpful resources that are bite-sized too. Parents and MKs will have access to our full-service website containing relevant MK resources, MK education support, Podcasts, Workshops, and up-to-date event info. 


We make it our goal to connect with every family each year – especially when they are in the US on home assignments. We do this through monthly emailed announcements, a magazine called MK Care Connect, care packages, high school graduation gifts, gifts for new babies, and much more. 

We are removing Registration!

We have Big News!
We are in the process of removing the registration process for the MK Care Program. Soon, all parents and MKs will automatically be a part of the MK Care program.
While we hope all families engage with the program and our team, there will also be a clear opt-out option available.

Stay Tuned! We hope to have these adjustments by November 1st, 2023

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